BetChain – The Professional Bitcoin Online Casino

Launched in 2014, BetChain is the first (and so far only) professional online Bitcoin casino. It is a fully licensed and regulated online casino with a wide range of games that includes slots, baccarat, scratch cards and horse racing. There is already a wide range of games, so consumers who love variety are highly unlikely to get bored, yet even more games are regularly added on a weekly basis. BetChain are keen to establish themselves as trailblazers and pioneers of the Bitcoin gaming scene and the number of games accumulated on a very professional looking site is a strong signal of intent.

BetChain use the latest technology and software to ensure their players are fully comfortable and secure at all times knowing that their transactions are fully protected. All of their balances are segregated to ensure a high level of integrity and fast withdrawals means that their customers can play with the confidence that their account is safe.

Hot on the heels of the United Kingdom permitting the licensing of Bitcoin, this may pave the way for some of the leading brands in casinos and gambling to follow the lead of BetChain and also start accepting Bitcoin as a currency. Meanwhile, BetChain have started accepting Euros and Dollars which means they should be able to attract a wider range of clientele who may not yet be familiar with modern concepts like Bitcoin.

In two short years BetChain has become increasingly popular throughout the USA and Europe (although not currently available in the UK,) and are keen to establish themselves worldwide. They offer popular online casino games including roulette, video poker and blackjack, jackpots and table games. Bitcoin has become increasingly popular throughout the online community, both in the shopping and gambling industries. Based on how quickly Bitcoin has been accepted by industries and consumers alike, it is only expected to increase in the future.